Casino games with the best payouts

By | October 23, 2021

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Casino Games with the Best Payouts
Find and play online casino games with the highest payouts.


In most Asian countries baccarat is the #1 game of choice. Surprisingly, its not blackjack like the rest of the world.

Gamblers love to play baccarat because the game has nearly 50-50 odds which are great payouts.

Baccarat has been growing in popularity with American gamblers in recent years and the casino game has become a classic for many loyal gamblers.


People love blackjack. Its one of the world’s most popular casino games because players simply love it because of the game’s high payouts.

House odds in the game vary depending on table rules. Typically, the casino’s house edge in blackjack is less than 1%.

Advantages gamblers often choose blackjack as their favorite game to grind away against the casino. This is because with blackjack the advantage player who counts cards can actually turn the odds into their favor by .5%.

You can’t count cards in online blackjack though. Online casinos deal out of a continuously shuffled deck.


Many people enjoy the true odds payouts that craps offers on certain bets.

I don’t know craps very well like i do blackjack. All I know is that there are “true odds” wagers which provide players true odds on the outcome. These bets are the only ones in the house that don’t give the casino an advantage of some sort and make craps a good game for advantage gamblers.


No limit Texas hold’em poker is the mainstay game for the most serious poker players.

This is because poker is also a skill game for people who are able to read other players and bluff, read bluffs, read weaknesses, odds of winning the jackpot with a million dollar payout. .

Single Zero Roulette

In roulette, the casino’s house edge is a little higher than the other gambling games we’ve listed in this guide.

With that being said, winning number bets in roulette payout 35 to 1. So a $100 bet on a winning number would payout $3,500 to the winner.

With such high payouts like that I think Roulette is worth considering as having one of the best casino game payouts.


Slot machines are the world’s most popular casino game because of the mega jackpot payouts available on the game. For some, they are a way of being entertained with the sights and sounds of the slot machine jackpots paying out.

In most internet casinos they set online slots payouts around 96% RTP on average, ranging from 94% to 98% RTP on slot machine payouts.

Plus, with many slots games they offer progressive jackpots that have grand prize payouts with more than one million dollars. That’s some serious dough to win.

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